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What type of coaching is on offer?

   Beth Roberts provides a friendly and effective coaching service in two main areas:

- Career and workplace coaching. This is due to a considerable background in HR and recruitment as well as a Post-graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management. My experience and expertise in this area adds an invaluable edge to my coaching. 

- I also provide coaching for women who have faced adversity and would now like to build an authentic new life. My counselling experience and expertise helps me to understand the negative patterns of behaviour that may be present and may hinder us from reaching our goals. 


What can coaching do for me?

    Coaching can help you to define what you want out of life, set goals and find ways of reaching those goals. We all find ourselves stuck at times and we just need someone who is impartial to help us focus and find our direction. Coaching massively increases your self-awareness which includes knowing your values and what is most important to you in life. It also helps you to recognise any negative patterns of behaviour that might be holding you back. My counselling experience means that I can help you spot these behaviours and help you to break the patterns. 

- With regards to Career and Workplace coaching I am experienced in supporting anyone who is thinking about a change of career. I can help you to discover what this career may be, if necessary, or help put a plan in place for making it happen. Coaching can also be incredibly useful in helping you get ahead in your current career. For instance, it can help you to spot what may be holding you back at the moment and help you to work on those issues. Career and Workplace Coaching can also help you if you have confidence issues in the workplace or if you are experiencing stress. 

- With regards to my women's coaching service I provide support for women who may have lost their way following an abusive childhood, abusive or difficult relationship, divorce, bereavement, mental health issues or similar. Women who have been in adverse situations such as these may feel they are no longer in touch with their authentic selves. I can help you to discover what is now important to you and help you to set goals. Being in these emotionally challenging situations can mean there are limiting beliefs holding you back and this is also something I can help with.


What is the coaching approach?



    I believe that the answers are all within my clients. I will not give you trite advice or tell you what to do. I will help empower you to find the answers within yourself and give you the acceptance, focus and space you need to move forward. I am warm and empathic in my approach but I will also challenge where necessary to support the process. I can use creative methods in my coaching such as using stories, art and other creative exercises. All coaching sessions are confidential and I am highly ethical in my approach. I also welcome any feedback from my clients to improve the service and to ensure that you achieve optimum results. Coaching is largely conducted over the telephone or Skype but face to face sessions are also available in Oxford. Face to face sessions may incur an extra cost depending on location. 

What are the values behind the coaching?

Authenticity: I will be authentic with all my clients and I will support anyone in their search for their authenticity.

Non-judgement: I will not judge any of my clients for beliefs, actions or choices.

Camaraderie not competition: I would like to see as many individuals as possible , regardless of gender, age or lifestyle choices, achieve their dreams and if I can I will support them to do so.

Empowerment: I believe that my clients hold the answer within them. I will not give trite advice or try and tell you what to do. It is my role to support you in finding your truth and way forward.

What is the cost of coaching?

My special new year package for 2019 is as follows: 

One session of coaching is £50 or book three at once and this costs £130. The fees are non-refundable. 

How long will I need to have coaching for?


Apart from the free half an hour discovery call, each coaching sessions lasts for an hour. It is up to you how many sessions you have, although the more sessions you have, the more it is likely to have a positive impact on your life.  

How do I get started?

The first step is to arrange a free discovery call which takes half an hour. Please contact Let me know a few dates and times that would be suitable for you. The discovery call will inform if I can help and if I am the right coach for you. If you decide to go ahead we will discuss how many sessions you would like to book to start with and I will also issue you with a contract so that the coaching is a safe space. 

    Please do contact me if you would like to arrange a discovery call or if you have any questions. 


Phone: 07967 633126

Client testimonials: 

'I am massively grateful for Beth's role as a catalyst in what has been an incredible year of personal achievements for me. I really wouldn't have done it without her amazing support.'

'Beth's coaching has initiated major positive changes in my life as I have found that important aspirations that previously would have been 'put on the shelf' have now come to fruition.'